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    Healthy Living, Wellness & Fitness Counseling With Fitness Expert Jamie Paretti

    Jamie Paretti, Fitness ExpertNeed help getting started on your new fitness plan? Are you already on your way but need to get over a plateau? I'm here to help--and if you're one of my VIP clients, I'll help you free!
    Here's how:

    Thanks to both my experience in the fitness industry and my personal experience with being overweight, I have a special perspective on weight loss--one that comes from both a practical and a scientific basis.

    I believe in positive reinforcement when it comes to losing weight and meeting your weight loss goals. I am always happy to help a client to get on track--and even happier when I learn that my clients have reached their own goals.

    I'm offering all of my VIP clients a special opportunityl: I'll give you 15 minutes of my time with your first (or most recent) Bella Vi--for free. Want to connect? Reach out to me by email at jamieparetti@optimum.net or contact me here.

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    If you're looking for ongoing personal fitness support, contact me to discuss the options available.